Forest Parquet International Ltd is a family company established in the early 90’s as a producer of rough sawn lumber of walnut, oak and cherry.


The company started a production of rifle blanks and carbines from walnut wood. Blanks are made of high quality European walnut, which is classified into five categories compared to the pattern of the wood, which after processing will contribute to the uniqueness of each weapon.


Enhancing manufacturing capacity. Under the leadership of the owner, the company purchases a hundred thousand square meters territory and indoor production areas of 6000 m2, on which are situated an administration building, sawmill, workshop, warehouses. At that time, the necessity to extend and to enhance production capacity led to transforming the company from a manufacturer of rough sawn lumber to one for manufacturing solid wood flooring.


Installation of  parquet production line and automated drying chambers with a capacity of 150m3. Thanks to the innovation and entrepreneurial skills of the owner, the company is developing rapidly on the market. During that period, another investment is made- parquet production line for industrial and mosaic parquet. There is an ecological production, in which the waste material is minimized.

2006 – 2010

Upgrading a new furniture production. A new factory is founded, specializing in the production of solid wood furniture made of oak, walnut and MDF. The company has provided exquisite products and services for your home furnishing.


For Ecological Living.

We are a reliable partner for wholesalers, architects, constructors and designers. We build a successful future, offering our clients a wide range of parquet flooring and solid wood furniture. Our close relationship with customers and our responsibility to preserve the environment and respect its natural resources is our main priority in this business. We offer to our partners and suppliers a platform for operating on domestic and international market. The growing success of our products is due to years of experience in the production of quality wood flooring. The successful combination of tradition and innovation guarantee a wide range of products that meet all the needs and requirements of customers.
Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of the market nowadays, we always focus on customer needs. That is why we give upmost attention to the production process: from the careful selection of raw materials to the final product and excellent service.
Our passion, dedication to what we do, and innovative energy makes us what we are today: a successful family company which produces flooring and furniture aiming to provide PREMIUM quality to its customers and the perfect solution for wooden flooring. When we talk about flooring, we set new standards offering warmth and comfort for your home.

The place where you live is as unique as the wood flooring you choose for it. Modern, practical, exclusive, safe and cozy for living. Forest Parquet International can offer you all of these, with its wide range product selection. From interior to exterior solutions, we will help you to make your best choice to fulfill your dream of comfort and healthful environments. Create you oasis with our new approach for product design. We take our home as a piece of art, where traditional craftsmanship and contemporary energy meets to create breath-taking atmosphere.


The CE marking indicates a product’s compliance with EU legislation and so enables the free movement of products within the European market. By affixing the CE marking to a product, a manufacturer declares, on his sole responsibility, that the product meets all the legal requirements for the CE marking, which means that the product can be sold throughout the European Economic Area (EEA, the 28 Member States of the EU and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein). Products which do not have this marking after the set term have to be immediately withdrawn from the marketplace and cannot be incorporated or installed in buildings.