„GiOtto” is a registered designer brand for the production of luxury, high quality and functional design sofas.

Sofas GiOtto can satisfy even the most demanding customers, providing quality assurance and control of production;high quality and innovation in processing and stamping a new type of natural and eco-leather, which are used in the production and manufacturing of sofas with comfort and unique design.

„GiOtto” brand is an Italian brand that began as an association of experts with over twenty years of experience in the field of upholstered furniture. We partner with some of the most important Italian and French designers and manufacturers of sofas, and so constantly enriching its catalog with the latest sofas trends of leather and fabric colors and patterns.

Our customers around the world choose „GiOtto”” for the great comfort and relaxation you can feel on our sofas while bringing a unique design style in your home or office. “GiOtto” sofas are made exactly according to your idea of comfort; the fruit of authentic passion and meticulous attention to detail and ongoing research that results in achieving this unique design and comfort.

„GiOtto” means a guarantee of quality!

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