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November 10, 2014
By admin

The Importance of Sanding Hardwood Floors

Many of those who are into restoring hardwood floors would say that sanding is the hardest (even the most unpleasant) part of the process but also the most satisfying one. They have come to realize the importance of sanding hardwood floors.

Even though sanding is a laborious process, this part of the restoring process is the one that can give your flooring that elegant look. And if you are looking to sand hardwood floors, the job doesn’t really have to be unpleasant; all that’s needed is adequate knowledge on how to do it right.You’re not alone in wondering why would you want to sand your hardwood floors if doing so is such a hard and laborious process. Not only that it can be costly because you’ll have to either rent or buy special tools for sanding. There is a good reason why sanding hardwood floors is vital despite it being a difficult, time consuming and costly process. Sanding is the part of the hardwood restoration or repair process that would truly bring out the visual quality of hardwood floors. Knowledge of how to sand your hardwood floors and proper application of that knowledge can bring out the beauty of it. This beauty is a combination of wood grain, color tone and shine. Sanding is what helps bring out the hardwood’s grain quality. In addition, sanding makes for smoother hardwood flooring, thereby increasing the comfort value of the flooring.Be aware that the tools you will need for sanding are not your usual power tools. You’ll have to either buy these tools from a hardware shop or rent them from a tool rental company for a few days. Between buying and renting these sanding tools, go with renting. It isn’t really cost effective to buy them if you are only going to refinish your hardwoord flooring every few years or so. The sanding tools you’ll need are:-sandpaper with at least three ratings (heavy, light and in between)-vacuum cleaner -buffer -sander -edger -masks, goggles, gloves, etc. for dust protection There is good sanding and bad sanding. It is vital that before you start sanding, you clean the floor thoroughly. There should not be any nails sticking out and the floor must generally be even.First, you need to apply the heaviest sandpaper. Make sure you run the sander on the floor in even strokes. Take note that this process takes a while and involves expending a lot of energy so be prepared; otherwise, you’d get a bad back ache. When the heaviest sandpaper layer is used up, use the lighter sandpaper on the hardwood flooring next. Finally, use the lightest sandpaper. The edges and corners of your hardwood flooring are hard to reach areas so you’ll have to sand them using a handheld edger. Be warned that sanding involves dust particles flying all around so be sure to wear protective gear while sanding hardwood floors. In additionFree Reprint Articles, close all vents that connect the room you’re working in to the other rooms in the house. The last thing you want is dust throughout the house. Make sure that the only vent on is the one that’s connected to the outside of your house. Close the doors in the room where you’re sanding and place wet sheets or towels along the doors to keep dust from seeping out.