About us

Forest Parquet International Ltd is a family owned company founded in the early 90s as a producer of fresh-cut timber made of walnut, oak and cherry wood.

Driven by our passion for wood processing, for almost three decades now, our business has been focused on producing solid wood flooring and furniture.

The first few years of the company's creation are dedicated to the production of unprocessed sawn planks. Soon after that, the activities of the company have been redirected and focused on the production of solid wood flooring

In the beginning of the new millennium, a new plant with an area of ​​100 000 m2 was purchased, where the new production is actively developing. Production workshops and warehouses were built and equipped with machinery for the production of solid wood flooring: from obtaining and processing whole logs to seasoning, finishing and stocking.

In 2005, the company invested in machinery for the production of industrial parquet and furniture. An ecological production has been developed, where the waste material is minimized. Two new production lines for modular furniture were installed. The new projects are the key point for continuous growth both in industrial and commercial conditions, in line with the necessary investments for environmental protection.

2011 is the year of our “green” vocation, the responsibility for the environment and renewable energy resources. A green-energy solar park, located on an area of 40,000m2, was built in order to supply the extended production capacities. Forest Parquet International Ltd. supports ecology and participates in activities which help to protect the environment. By managing our business responsibly, we know how important it is to preserve the nature that surrounds us, so we are actively trying to influence the development of the ecosystem. For us, this is an essential element in our long-term development strategy.

Forest Parquet International is an innovative company, which uses its experience, flexibility, craftsmanship and professionalism as a key strengths that enable us to satisfy the needs of all market segments. We believe in both the tradition and latest developments of parquet and furniture.

New Market goals

In 2018 new projects were created, opening up new horizons on the market. The company is developing a collection of dining tables - a revolutionary product in terms of design and quality. Tables made of wood planks that follow the natural growth of the tree. Because the wood is a natural and beautiful material, through this project we have found a way to transform it into a unique piece of furniture, which preserves its natural shape and character.