The company uses its guiding principles to create high-quality products since it has been established. Tradition and innovation in wood processing are key elements in the production of flooring and furniture. Through our commitment to technological development, quality, and respect for nature, we strive for exceeding customers’ expectations.  

The products of Forest Parquet International Ltd. are manufactured in accordance with the processing and classification methods that comply with the quality standards set by the European UNI EN regulations.

For ecological living

We build a successful future by offering our customers a wide range of parquet flooring and wood furniture with unique and exceptional design. The close relationship with our customers and our responsibility to preserve the environment and respects its natural resources is our main goal in this endeavor. The growing success of our products is due to years of experience in the production of quality flooring. Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of the contemporary market demands, we focus on customer needs. That is why we pay great attention to the production process: from careful selection of the raw material to the end product and perfect service.

Our passion, dedication to what we do, and innovative energy make us what we are today: a successful family company producing wood parquet and furniture. When it comes to parquet, we set new standards offering comfort and design. 

From interior to exterior solutions, we will help you to make the best choice that meets your requirements. We look at every home as a work of art where traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design go hand to hand in order to create a breathtaking atmosphere. 

Passion, tradition, design – this is our interpretation for wood processing, because it is the main material in our production and thanks to this natural resource we create our products. Our skills and ability to work with wood, traditionally crafted with style and elegance, distinguishes us in the market. 

Wood is undivided part of our lifestyle. Speaking of wood is to speak of nature and respect to the environment. We make every effort to cope with this so important project for the planet. 

Sustainability, design, research, and social awareness become a major part of our activity.